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Turn off Facebook Mobile Texts on new cellphone numbers

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After I got a new number, the first thing that happened to me was a barrage of of SMSes every day from 32-665 (FBOOK) for an unknown, hacked account and being in North America, those text messages were going to be billed to me. Here’s what I tried initially:

1. Called up my cellphone provider. They weren’t able to stop them; suggestions offered ranged from changing the number to blocking texts altogether or sending each such text message to their SPAM number to remove it from billing (naturally, tedious).

2. Tried sending OFF back to the number to stop it. It returned saying, yes, we’ll stop, but it did not.

The only way Facebook texts stopped on my new cellphone number was by adding that very number to my own account and confirming it. It appears FB can have one cellphone per FB account and whoever confirms the account last gets to ‘own’ the number somehow.

It worked for me and I have been spam-free on my cellphone for about 30 hours now!


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December 8, 2010 at 4:52 am

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