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disown and nohup

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This is the first time I started a file transfer, and on hindsight, struck my head and said “Wish I’d started this with nohup or screen…”; I could have left home on time with this laptop tagging along with me.

What I didn’t know *then* (now I know) that there’s a beautiful bash built-in called disown which can attch any/all running jobs to the init process. Yay!

[root@linux-test data]# scp RHEL4-U5-i386-AS-disc4.iso suleym@
suleym@'s password:
RHEL4-U5-i386-AS-disc4.iso 0% 1016KB 1.0MB/s 06:21 ETA
[1]+ Stopped scp RHEL4-U5-i386-AS-disc4.iso suleym@
[root@linux-test data]# bg
[1]+ scp RHEL4-U5-i386-AS-disc4.iso suleym@ &
[root@linux-test data]# disown -h

More about disown here and in man bash.

Writing this post for the sake of not reverse-engineering searches on Google, and so that people see disown *related* to nohup.


Written by mohitsuley

August 21, 2008 at 10:09 pm

Posted in linux, sysadmin

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